Jennifer Fagan


Jennifer changed her career path to Dietetics after a diagnosis of Celiac Disease in 2004. Along the way she found a passion and love for helping others to find ways to make diet changes, even small ones, which will allow them to feel their best. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Virginia State University and completed her Dietetic Internship with them as well. Jennifer specializes in GI disorders such as Celiac Disease, Gastroparesis, IBS (FODMAP), SIBO, and IBD: Crohns/Colitis. She also works with Diabetics, Chronic Kidney Disease and food allergies.

Jennifer sees clients in: West End only and is not accepting new clients at this time except for new celiac diagnosis.

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Lynn Farmer

MA RD Health/Fitness Specialist ACSM

Lynn’s passion is in helping individuals improve their quality of life through nutrition, exercise, and stress management. She started with her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Radford University in 1979, then completed her Masters of Arts in Family Life/Nutrition from the University of Northern Iowa in 1983. She then became a Health/Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sport Medicine in 1994 and obtained a certification in Stress Management Counseling in 1998. Lynn specializes in Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Cardiovascular health, Diabetes, exercise and wellness.

Lynn sees clients in: West End, Mechanicsville, Midlothian and Warsaw

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Wesley Smith


Wes originally obtained his Bachelor of Science in Biology and returned to school at Virginia State University to change his focus on Nutrition after working in the organ transplant field. Wes has found a passion for helping people prevent disease. He specializes in GI disorders such as IBD: Crohn's and Colitis, SIBO, Gastroparesis and Food allergies. He also works with Thyroid disease, Diabetics, Chronic Kidney Disease and Weight Management.  

Wes is fluent in Spanish. Para contactarme en español, por favor envíeme un correo electrónico directamente.

Wes sees clients in: West End

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Tammy Smart


Tammy went into the field of nutrition after her interest was piqued by a cancer diagnosis in both parents. She learned first hand how food and lifestyle choices impact chronic disease and health. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Queens College in New York and completed her dietetic internship with Virginia Commonwealth University. Tammy specializes in GI disorders such as IBS, SIBO, and Food allergies as well as Weight Management, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease and Cancer.

Tammy sees clients in: West End and Mechanicsville

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